The Streamr Data Challenge 

Democratise and decentralise access to real time Data.


Build a data business, the right way

The internet has long been a consummate environment for collecting immense amounts of data from large swathes of the population. With the increased use of cookies and other data mining tools, the internet is, essentially, a bottomless trove of useful data.

Data Unions are an ethical new way to sell user data, through the Streamr peer-to-peer real-time data network. By integrating into the Data Union framework, or building a Data Union app, interested developers can easily bundle and crowdsell the real-time data that their users generate, gain meaningful consent from users and reward them by sharing data sales revenue. By building Data Unions we can create open data ecosystems.


About the Programme & Rewards

In order to facilitate the building of Data Unions, we are launching the Streamr Data Challenge, a two month long Hackathon. We invite India-based programmers, designers and entrepreneurs to innovate and create utilising the Streamr Data Union framework.

200 USD grant to each team that qualifies for the 1st Cohort

5,000 USD to the winning team

About Streamr

Streamr is the world’s leading marketplace and decentralised network for real-time data. The distributed, open-source, software project was founded in 2017 with the mission of creating a platform to trade and distribute information while allowing people to regain control of the data they produce. 

Why Streamr?

Data monetisation‌

Plug and play data transport‌

Blockchain security‌

Monetise, Empower, Crowdsource.

Unlock the value of user data without setting up your own custom infrastructure.

P2P Real-Time Data Network.

The Streamr Network is a robust, massively scalable peer-to-peer network for transporting machine data.

Secure, Trustless, Micropayments.

Streamr uses smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to secure payments and data permissions.


Program Timeline

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What is the Streamr Data Challenge about?

The Streamr Data Challenge is a competition hosted by Streamr (partnered with Lumos Labs) to build, grow, and leverage the Indian developer ecosystem to build digital-first applications that can integrate with Streamr’s Data Union framework.

What is the selection criteria for the Streamr Data Challenge ?

We're looking for great concepts solving problems in the big data space that can be built on Streamr during the acceleration phase.

Can we apply for multiple products/projects?

Yes, the same team can apply for multiple products/projects as long as they fulfill the mandatory criterias, the submission stays valid. Please create a new submission to apply again.

Can an individual apply for the Streamr Data Challenge?

Yes, an individual or a group of individuals or a startup with founders/team can apply for the Challenge

Will Streamr fund my project after selection?

Yes, Streamr is open to giving grants to select projects on a case by case basis to help build the product.

Who owns the IP to my project?

The IP remains solely with the maker.

Can we apply for multiple products/projects?

You can contact the organisers at corporate@lumoslabs.co

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